I Have This Thing With Doors

First thing’s first, Merriam-Webster has this to say about doors:/dôr/ 1. A usually swinging or sliding barrier by which an entry is closed and opened 2. A means of access or participationThe first known use of the word door is from the 12th century.Door in Finnish: ovi In French: la porte In German: tur In Hungarian: ajtó In Icelandic: dyrnar In Japanese: doa In Mongolian: … Continue reading I Have This Thing With Doors

Looking like I know where I’m going (sometimes)

Contrary to the title of my blog, I probably am lost, but I’m also exploring. I always find my way eventually, and when it’s actually important I look up directions before I go. But so often, especially when I’m traveling, getting lost is half the fun. When I was in Seoul I followed something shiny down a side street and ended up drinking dandelion tea … Continue reading Looking like I know where I’m going (sometimes)

Bienvenue à Paris

Everything I read before leaving for my trip said I should watch the sunset from the steps of Sacré-Cœur. Sounded like a perfect way to spend my first evening in Paris. Wander Montmartre (I’m an expert wanderer), find some good food and good wine, check out Sacré-Cœur, sit and watch the sky change colors over the city of lights. Great plan in theory. In practice … Continue reading Bienvenue à Paris

Maybe don’t go to Albany in winter (but do go because it’s lovely)

It’s really cold in Albany in January. And snow. My friends Heather and Nate moved to Albany. What a great excuse to see a new city and hang with one of my favorite couples. I think a lot of Long Islanders think of the state of New York in 4 parts: Long Island The City Westchester And everything else is upstate Yes, “upstate” refers to … Continue reading Maybe don’t go to Albany in winter (but do go because it’s lovely)

I’ve been writing, just not here

GoAbroad.com is a website that aims to link travelers to quality, meaningful travel experiences. They provide program ideas and resources to travelers looking for opportunities to study, volunteer, work, adventure, and teach abroad. Twice a year the lovely people at GoAbroad put on a Writer’s Academy. As a member of the most recent cohort, I’ve been honing my travel writing skills and learning about things … Continue reading I’ve been writing, just not here