Where do I start?

But really, where do I start? I guess at the beginning-ish.

I’ve wanted to take the leap, go abroad, for a long time. I daydream about the places I would go, the things I would discover, and the people I would meet. I keep daydreaming but not acting. I keep seeing job postings for overseas positions and hesitating. I keep saying I cannot afford to take a temporary position abroad, and that if I am going to leave New York and my job it has to be for a permanent position. Not anymore. A temporary position could turn into a permanent one, or maybe just a series of temporary positions. Every opportunity leads to new ones. I have nothing to lose.

“If you want to come to Thailand for the summer you can have this job.” Ok, yes! I’m spending 10 weeks as a Trip Leader for an org that runs two-week programs for young adults in and around Chiang Mai, Thailand. Many of their programs have a veterinary medicine focus. Obviously that is not what I was hired for. All of the groups vet and not, spend a week at the Elephant Nature Park (more on that later). Then we spend a week in Chiang Mai. My groups spend the week adventuring in and around the city.

It seems that student travel is my thing for now.

This seems like the perfect thing to jumpstart my adventure. I am spending 10 weeks working for awesome people, doing awesome things. Then, I’ll find something else to do (more on that later too).

So I bought a fancy backpacking backpack, gave notice at work (which felt so good), moved out of my Brooklyn apartment and back into my parents’ house, and took off!

I don’t have a post-job plan, but I am not stressed about it at all. I am sure some stress will creep in as August gets closer. For now I am riding this adventure high.

The best possible outcome would be finding a super awesome job for a great international NGO in Europe. I would go home to New York to say hi and change out my wardrobe before moving to Europe. Worst-case scenario, I go home and live with my parents until I find a new job. Not ideal, but not a disaster either.

**Shout out to my parents, Caryn and Stu. How many parents do you know who’s response to “I’m quitting my job and going to Thailand with little to no solid plan,” would be awesome, have fun. And they are willing to take me back if this doesn’t work and I have to come back to New York, probably broke.

So I am leading 5 two-week trips. That means I am doing the same thing five times. Should be interesting.

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