One down, four to go

I’m doing this 5 times. The same thing five times. I have said “I don’t know” more in the last two weeks than in my entire almost 28 years of existence.

Flying to Chiang Mai with the group was a piece of cake. Travel for large groups of students is what I do. Take 24 from JFK to Hong Kong to Chiang Mai, with another staff person, and they are all over 18? Piece of cake! I was in my element. Sprinting through Hong Kong airport with said group was a little less fun, but successful.

We were met us in the airport with necklaces of jasmine flowers. It was like getting lei when arriving in Hawaii (I think). They smelled lovely! Was it a really nice way to be greeted in Thailand or is it because we have been traveling forever and we smell?

Now that we are here, the real fun starts. My group was 7 people. 1 boy. Why don’t more guys do things like this? Dear boys, go traveling, go exploring. Do things. Where are you?

I’m a little worried that I am going to compare every group that follows to this group. It all went so smooth, beginner’s luck? I hope not. What if my next groups don’t get along as well as this group? What if I don’t like them?

Here is what I think contributes to a great trip:

  1. drink a lot of water
  2. be open to learning new things
  3. try everything

Success. Giant bugs, cold showers, and facing our fears. Despite screams and cringes and food spit out and almost crying over dizzying heights, everyone was willing to try. And we all had an amazing time! We spent a week chilling with elephants and dogs and water buffalo and bugs. We saw some incredible temples, went zip lining, learned Thai cooking, rode in questionably safe transportation, and laughed a ton.

How do I feel? I fee great. I’ve got about a dozen bug bites and a few scrapes, but I feel good. I’m not stressed about anything…yet. I have a feeling as I inch towards August that stress free, carefree feeling will start to disappear. My current attitude is I have no life plans past August and that is ok. Soon I will have to start thinking about jobs and supporting myself. But those are concerns for maybe July. I’ve only been here for 2 weeks. 2 weeks! I cannot believe I have only been here for 2 weeks. We sure did cram a lot into those 2 weeks.






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