A Thai Massage

Ok, so this wasn’t my first massage. It wasn’t even my first Thai massage.

For my 20th birthday my mom and I got massages at Elizabeth Arden. I don’t remember specifics, but I don’t remember being overly impressed either. Content though.

When I was in Casablanca I went to a hammam. That experience is a story in and of itself. The massage though, was…..unpleasant. A very large woman with very corse hands rubbed me all over. I mean ALL over. And there was oil. I left feeling icky.

Everyone raves about the Thai massage. Apparently amazing. You can get a Thai massage at Elephant Nature Park. After a long day of shoveling elephant poop and running around with dogs, a massage sounds nice.

A Thai massage consists of a woman strategically poking you with thumbs of steel. She could probably kill you with her thumbs. On some level it feels good to have your muscles and joints poked/rubbed/massaged intensely for an hour. But it also hurts. I’m not sure I feel relaxed afterwards. It’s also only 150 baht, which is roughly $5 USD. So it’s hard to say no.

On my day off in Chiang Mai I went to a nice spa for a massage. After spending a week at Elephant Nature Park sick, this was going to be great. No students. Not ziplining for the fourth, yes 4th, time. I had the biggest latte in history and was ready to relax. I know it doesn’t sound like those go together, but it made me happy.

This place was really nice. Clean. Classy. I soaked my feet in lemongrass water to start. I got my own little room and laid down on a cushy mat on the floor. Still a lot of strategic and hard poking. But this time she also leaned. So a lot of poking and pressing and massaging and leaning. Like with her whole body. She leaned on my spine and my arms and my legs with her whole body. There was some stretching too which was much needed. Some of it was painful. A lot of it was painful. I think what made it relaxing was lying in the dark with my eyes closed for two hours. TWO HOURS. I went in thinking I was getting an hour long massage and when I came out two hours had passed. My massage ended with a braid. That seems to be a thing. When your massage is over they braid your hair. I also got mango sticky rice!

Overall a good experience.

Downside 1: This massage experience has ruined me for future massages at Elephant Nature Park. This one was so so clean. Not sure I could do it now at Elephant Nature Park where everything is a little dirty all the time. Those mats you lay on, I hate putting my face there on the dirty, slightly damp (because everything here is slightly damp) mat.

Downside 2: I am now really sore. Is a massage supposed to make you sore? I feel like I hiked a mountain. I’m doing that in 2 days (again). I was really hoping to feel refreshed.

My hair looks nice though.


  1. That photo is amazing!! I realize it’s a snail and there are far more impressive things about Thailand, but man I like that snail.


  2. Hi, Pooh! You will feel refreshed. Not today, but tomorrow. Trust me. I’ll be getting a massage on Tuesday. And you’re supposed to tell them when it hurts. How are they supposed to know you’re in pain if you don’t say so.


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