Not quite homesick but missing it a bit

This weekend marks three months in Thailand. I left at the end of May and now August is coming to a close. The summer is actually over, although it seems like Thailand hangs on to hot and humid for a long time.

I miss having my own room, not living out of a backpack, and a life without a daily dose of bug spray. I miss sailing with my parents. I didn’t go sailing the whole summer! When was the last time that happened.

I love my family and friends and I miss you all dearly. However, here are the two things I miss more than anything else:
1. A good New York bagel with vegetable cream cheese.
2. Public transportation. I just want to hop on the subway to get from one end of the city to the other.

One comment

  1. Oh my sweetie, we miss you so much too. Especially this weekend. I hope you find a wonderful way to celebrate. I love you to pieces. -Aunt Hannah


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