A Grand Viet-venture!

When your teacher friends tell you to come with them to Vietnam during their 2 week semester break, always say yes.

I want to tell you everything about our awesome, action-packed adventure, so each stop is going to get it’s own post.

First stop Hanoi!

Traffic:There don’t really seem to be rules. You just take a deep breath and step off the curb. Everyone on the road seems to excel at the art of swerving out of the way. And if awards were given for most family members on a single motorbike, Vietnam would win first prize. It’s all beautifully chaotic.

Ho Chi Minh isn’t laid to rest in the city named for him. He lives in Hanoi, the Capital. Except for 2 months a year, when he goes on holiday. His body is taken to Mother Russia for “maintenance.” So unfortunately we missed seeing him at his mausoleum.

Apparently Vietnam has the cheapest beer in the world. For roughly $0.22 USD, you can get a glass of Bia Hoi, fresh draft beer. For someone who dislikes beer, I thought it was actually pretty good.

Either wine in Vietnam is really good, or living in Thailand has lowered our standards by a lot. Coffee though, Vietnamese coffee is definitely amazing. Vietnamese coffee is served similar to a French press. A little tin coffee filter thing is placed on top of your cup. You know how you’re supposed to be able to taste hints of things in good wine and chocolate? Well Vietnamese coffee has that too. It’s got a chocolate-y flavor to it. Coffee and chocolate all in one!

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