A Boat Cruise through Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay is on the northern coast of Vietnam. It’s a UNESCO world heritage site. We decided to stay on Cat Ba Island, which is a little bit away from the main tourist area, Ha Long City. It was a little quieter, and beautiful. After our overnight train from Sapa, we took a bus from Hanoi to a ferry to another bus to get to our guesthouse. So many different forms of transportation on this trip!

Boat tour success! The early morning start was totally worth it. The tour took us through beautiful and less touristy Lan Ha Bay. The bay is dotted with islands that are like individual mini mountains. No flat surfaces and covered in trees. We passed small floating fishing villages. The villages are a collection of floating huts tied together. They fish and grow mussels and such.

We stopped to go kayaking. This was my most successful partner kayak attempt to date. We kayaked around the mini mountain islands and through caves.

Next we were taken to a quiet spot where we anchored and went swimming. Just us. We jumped off the top deck of the boat into the water and went swimming amongst the mini mountain islands. There was no one else around. It was quiet and peaceful and perfect.

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