Ho Chi Minh City (aka Saigon)

Our last stop of Ho Chi Minh City.

AKA Saigon.

Did I mention wine in Vietnam is better than in Thailand? Beer too according to my travel buddies. There’s a brewery in Saigon that uses local ingredients in its beers like lemongrass and coconut. Obviously we spent some time there. Considering I don’t like beer, the lemongrass one was pretty good. If they go to New York and target the brunch scene they could make a fortune.

The traffic in Saigon is even crazier than in Hanoi. When bikers get tired of waiting at a light they just drive on the sidewalk. Pedestrians beware!

We watched the sunset from a skybar in Bitexco Tower. It’s the tallest building in Vietnam, so of course we went to the top. More exciting than the sunset, was watching the storm clouds roll in. Those were some fast moving clouds. Clouds take on a whole new appearance when you’re at eye level with them.

The War Remnants Museum is in Ho Chi Minh City. The museum displays exhibits about the American War in Vietnam, or the American War of Aggression. There you learn about the international outrage and the widespread destruction. It is a sobering reminder of a dark period in American and Vietnamese history.

Walking through that museum I was reminded of how little I know about that time in history. As an American I was a little ashamed at how little I know. We gloss over it in school. Events like this one should not be glossed over, regardless of how painful the memory is.

On our last day, while strolling through the city, we got caught in a downpour. We took refuge under an awning hoping the rain would let up in a few minutes. It didn’t. We watched the rain and the traffic and took time-lapse videos. Check out my Instagram page, the videos are cool. It was unfortunate that our last day was spent waiting for the rain to stop. However, we found a cozy and classy spot to snack and drink wine while waiting. Like I said the wine is better in Vietnam, and 3 twenty-something girls living in Thailand really missed good wine.

When I landed in Bangkok the song Colors of the Wind started playing over the speakers on the plane. Strange, but lovely.

We took 5 flights, 3 overnight trains, 2 scary vans on windy mountain roads, we trekked 254 km, took about 8 buses, 1 which had 2 levels of beds, 2 ferries, 1 boat, and about 6 taxis. O and 1 kayak.

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