I got a tattoo!

Yup, you read that right. Ok, it’s not that new. I got it in August.

I had been thinking about this for a while. I thought I would wait until a milestone, like my 30th birthday. Then I quit my job and came to Thailand. I was taking this chance, embarking on a new adventure. I realized this birthday, my 28th, would be the first one I spend abroad. That’s a milestone. I started thinking about a tattoo more and more.

The hardest part was deciding what I wanted. Whatever I chose would be on my body forever. FOREVER. Forever is a very long time.

Sunflowers make me smile. They always have. They are just such smiley, happy flowers. I dream of living in a field of sunflowers. Insert profound metaphor about the sunflower constantly turning to face the sun here.


So that’s what I went with. A sunflower, on my arm.

I found a tattoo artist that came highly recommended, met with him to discuss what I wanted, and made an appointment and put down a deposit. That was the important part. I put down a deposit, so now I couldn’t chicken out.

I found a friend to hold my hand and it was all set!

It didn’t hurt as much as I expected it to. It felt like a cat scratching me…for an hour. I couldn’t watch though. My friend kept assuring me that it was looking good. After an hour of cat scratches it was done. I love it.


Some much needed chocolate ice cream and careful washing followed. Now it’s healed and lovely.

I only got buyers remorse once. Then I remembered that I actually love it, and that it’s on there forever so I don’t have a choice. But, I actually love it and have no regrets.

People say it’s addicting. People say once you get your first tattoo, you keep wanting more and more. Not sure I get that. I mean I might consider another one in the future, but I’m definitely not addicted.


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