2017 is Off to a Great Start

A pub crawl through Seoul on New Years Eve? Sure! Fun! The fee covered free entrance, skipped lines, and some free shots. We met some lovely people on holiday like us, or living here. Lots of English teachers.

We had a really good time. Until it was time to go to bed…

Our New Years pub crawl ended with us standing in the freezing cold trying to hail a cab. It took us 45 minutes to get a cab. Not because there weren’t any cabs, or they were all full. It took us 45 minutes to get a cab because they didn’t want to pick us up. We got rejected by about a dozen taxis. That doesn’t include a few who avoided eye contact. This was about 3am on January 1.

No one stopped long enough, or spoke enough English to tell us what we were doing wrong. We felt a little better when we realized Koreans were getting rejected too. So it wasn’t because we’re foreigners.

We finally figured out that no one would pick us up because our fare wasn’t worth it. While it would have taken us an hour to walk back to our hostel, the drive is only about 5 minutes, and the fare would have been about KRW 7,000. I get that, but it was 3am and really, really cold.

Finally we found a cab that was letting people out, so we hopped in and closed the doors before the driver had a chance to reject us. Victory!

My contingency plan was to find a bathhouse where we could stay warm until the subway started up again at 5:30.


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