I broke my first bone!

There’s a first time for everything I guess.

Aside from a pinky toe, which I don’t really think counts, I’ve never broken a bone. Now I have a broken foot, and my first ever cast and crutches.

After a great time tubing on a river, the klutz that I am slipped on the river bank. I thought I just rolled my ankle like I’ve done dozens of times before. No such luck. I soon realized it wasn’t my ankle that hurt, just one spot on my foot. I didn’t want to believe the vet I was working with when she said she had a hunch it was broken. I hobbled around on it for 24 hours then went to the hospital after dropping our students off at the airport.

It’s broken.

I’ve been out here for 8 months and this was my first injury. Considering how many people try to learn how to drive a motorbike when they come to Thailand, I was in the minority of foreigners without injury. Most people think I broke my foot in a bike accident.

I’d been told that hospitals in Chiang Mai aren’t too bad. My first experience was a good one. Clean, English speaking, cheap. Healthcare is cheaper here than in the states, and I got free water!

So I was wheeled into the doctor’s office to talk about my x-ray, he told me my foot was broken, and I just started laughing. In my defense, I slept for maybe an hour the night before. I think the doctor was a little worried that I found the whole ordeal entertaining.

I’ve got what, to me, looks like an itty bitty fracture that shouldn’t be a big deal. But, apparently without a cast it could become a bigger break and require surgery and screws. So I now have a big blue cast on my left foot for the next 4 to 6 weeks. And crutches.

Crutches are hard. My foot no longer hurts, but my arms and hands do. O, and my right leg, since I’ve been putting all of my weight on it. Using my arms to propel myself forward on crutches, and only using one leg is not super fun. And then add stairs. I’ve gotten good at hopping around my room (my own room, I now have my own room!), but I can’t hop all over town. I hate not being able to do things for myself. I hate needing other people’s help to get around. I walk everywhere in Chiang Mai, but not anymore. Grrrrr.

UPDATE: About 48 hours after I fell, my friend fell too. She broke the same bone in the same place as me. And we have the same doctor. We’re twins. Thank goodness for good friends who are willing to take care of us! Also, I now have a rubber thingy on the bottom of my cast that will supposedly make it easier to walk without crutches. Not yet sure how that is going to work.


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