Upside Down

Co-written by Nina has we enjoy a mid afternoon glass of wine in a cutesy cafe. 

Visit any tourist attraction in Southeast Asia and you’ll notice one common factor: it’s all about the photo op. You’ve gotta have the right lighting, the right pose, the right smile (or duck face), and the right outfit. 

Usually it’s a boy friend or husband taking pics of his lady. And usually it’s inconvenient for everyone else (this stretch of sidewalk is not photogenic and you’re in my way!). I’ve also seen many a wedding photo shoot. Sometimes in inappropriate places. 

While checking out the street scene in Georgetown, not surprisingly, there was a line to get a pic next to one particularly well-known work of art. The thing that really held up the line was the couple in fancy dress having professional photos taken. 

So it wasn’t a complete surprise when we entered the Upsidedown Museum and were met with employees ready to take our photo and tell us the best way to pose for the perfect shot. 

The only non-Asian visitors were us and a girl who looked like an exchange student, there with her host family. 

Despite our initial instinct to forgo professional help, we soon gave in and embraced the full experience. And what and experience it was. We did have a great time. 

Each room is designed to look like a room of a house, but upside down. So the bed, toilet, bookcase, motorbike, etc. were all on the ceiling. We were told to pose to make it look like we were hanging upside down. 

If you think about it too much you realize it doesn’t look quite right. But sometimes thinking is overrated. 

It’s basically a museum of social media-worthy photo ops. And if you don’t leave laughing, you did it wrong. 

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