The Mile-High City

A mountain a weekend: I think I could get used to that.

I went out to Denver because Chrissy, one of my favorite people, was getting married and asked me to be a bridesmaid. How could I say no?! I got to see more of the city than I had last time I was there, and I loved it. I’d move there in a heart beat if I found a job.

While in Denver I did all of the things you’re supposed to do: drank a lot of coffee, went to the art museum, did yoga, went hiking, visited a dispensary (yes, that kind of dispensary), and visited a brewery. I got to catch up with Chrissy and be a part of her perfect, beautiful wedding. I spent a whole week with my cousin Fran, and I even got to see my brother, Max, for a bit.

There are sunflowers planted all over the place. Denver is full of sunflowers. You pretty much cannot go a block without seeing them. I love sunflowers so I took it as a sign that Denver wants me there.



While the altitude in the mile-high city makes hiking a bit harder, my hair loved it. There was no humidity. For the wedding my hair was perfectly wavy/curly and there was NO FRIZZ. Even after the rain my hair was frizz free. This never happens, it was like magic. And the altitude didn’t even cause too much trouble on our post-wedding hike.

I’m finding that I like hiking. I’m not really in shape so hiking is often hard; but it’s a worthwhile hard. My “travel pro tip” is to always climb to the top (and by “pro tip” I mean if anyone asks I’ll tell them to climb to the top of that tower, building, mountain, historic monument.). The view is always awesome at the top. And it feels good to get to the top. That sounds cheesy. If I ever move to Denver I can hike more, and maybe come up with some better descriptors for that feeling of accomplishment.

*See photo at the top of this post for proof that climbing to the top is always great.
**See also this post about going to the top of the tallest building in the world, to prove it’s always a good idea.

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