ALLLLLLLL the croissants

French Morning, a site for francophone expats, hosted  an event to find the best croissant in New York City. The price of admission came with a glass of wine and samples of ALL of the croissants. 15 bakeries from across the city were represented as finalists. And of course each had more than one kind to try.

There were plain croissants and chocolate ones of course. There was one with lemon and one with orange. One bakery had a turkey and swiss cheese croissant, and one had pistachios. In case you’re wondering, there is in fact such a thing as too many croissants. You can over dose on butter.


Voting on the best croissant in New York City is no easy feat. They were all soooooo good. Soft, flaky, buttery, and yummy. And the flavored ones all had exactly the right amount. The chocolate ones weren’t too chocolately (I know, how could anything be too chocolatey? But it’s a think sometimes). The orange flavor was not overpowering. All of the croissants I tried were quite perfect. How do you choose?!

I voted for Orwasher’s Bakery. I felt a little bit of family loyalty. My grandmother’s (on my dad’s side) family started a bakery in 1916. Our family wasn’t super close with that part of the family, so I didn’t grow up going to the bakery all the time or anything. The family doesn’t even own the bakery anymore. The new owners kept the name though. But still, I felt a connection. Their croissants were quite delicious anyway.


After eating what seemed like my weight in croissants, I may need to swear them off for a bit. So worth it though!

What’s next? City’s best bagel? Best black & white cookie in the city? The scrumptious options seem endless!


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