Parisian Wanderings

I spent a week in Paris. Some of the things I did, saw, ate deserve their own stories; but here are just some random bits while I wandered and got very lost (the title of my blog really is an accurate description of my life).

Walking along the Seine, heading towards my evening river cruise:
An older man on a bicycle tried to pick me up. He told me I didn’t look American. He thought I was French or Italian. Thank you?
Of course it was an old man and not one of the hundred attractive, (seemingly) age-appropriate men I’ve seen just in the last 2 days. Of course.

Walking through Les Jardins de Tuileries on my way to Le Louvre:
I walked past old men playing pétanque and people lounging under trees. The sun is shining and the park is full of people enjoying the day. My journey to the museum was delayed. My feet took on a mind of their own and I began following the smell of fresh crepes. I became one of the people happily lounging under a tree, eating perfection on a plate. (And over-priced water because I forgot to specify tap, not bottled…oops. I guess it had to happen at least once.)

Le Lovre:
Did you know that if you stand in front of every piece of art in the Louvre for 2 minutes it would take you 3 months, day and night, to see everything.
Last time I was in Paris I came to the Louvre because I thought how could I not go to the world’s most famous museum on my first ever trip abroad. My plan was to skip it on this trip, the Mona Lisa didn’t impress me.
Then I read about the apartments of Napoleon III (France’s 1st ever elected president, and then he became emperor because he didn’t want to give up his position), tucked away in the oft-overlooked Richelieu wing. Built during the Second Empire between 1852 and 1857, the opulent, Versailles-esque rooms haven’t changed much. Opulent doesn’t really begin to cover this place. It was extravagant, lavish, ostentatious, palatial, and sumptuous too (yes I did look up opulent in a thesaurus, no I don’t fee bad, if you want better writing go elsewhere).
I didn’t make it to Versailles this time around but visiting Napoleon III’s apartments at the Louvre was probably pretty close.

Sitting outside a café with une piscine du rosé, aka a large glass of rosé with ice. (La piscine is swimming pool in French, which is definitely an accurate description of the size of my glass.):
After too much walking (because I got lost again) I finally found le Canal St Martin. This neighborhood is a good destination if you are looking to get away from the fancy city center, le Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, and the hoards of tourists. This area is more laid-back than the area around the Seine.
Siting by the canal with a large glass of chilled wine, a pastry, and A Moveable Feast (despite really not being impressed by the book or Hemingway in general), is a perfect Parisian afternoon.

This is how I watched the Bastille Day fireworks:
Sitting on a wall in the Tuileries with the Louvre behind me and the Eiffel Tower straight ahead, with a personal-sized bottle of wine and the best raspberries I have ever eaten.
At 10pm the setting sun turned everything pink. And at 11pm when the sun had finally set, the fireworks were set off from the Eiffel Tower.

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