Looking like I know where I’m going (sometimes)

Contrary to the title of my blog, I probably am lost, but I’m also exploring. I always find my way eventually, and when it’s actually important I look up directions before I go. But so often, especially when I’m traveling, getting lost is half the fun.

When I was in Seoul I followed something shiny down a side street and ended up drinking dandelion tea in a teahouse that was over 100 years old.
Ever time I stepped foot in the old city in Jerusalem I got lost. EVERY TIME.
On my first day of an internship in 12th grade I got so lost that my mom had no idea where I was when I called asking for help. She had to look at Map Quest. Remember Map Quest? Remember when we didn’t have GPS in our phones? Yes I still get lost sometimes even though I have a smart phone.

Apparently while I was in Paris I looked like I knew where I was going. I also apparently looked Parisian. I was stopped several times by people asking me for directions in French. Yes you read that right, people though I could help them find their way, and IN FRENCH. Ha! Not only did I not understand half of what I was being asked, I usually had no idea where I was let alone how to get to wherever they were trying to go.

Probably the best instance of being asked for directions in French happened in Père Lachaise Cemetery. Bwahahaha. No I do not know where Edith Piaf’s grave is. Every “road” looks the same and I am super turned around and the clanking pipes sounds like people are trying to get out (I think I’ve seen too many zombie/vampire movies).

I always took it as a compliment that dressed in my sweaty, wrinkled, Old Navy outfits, I could pass as Parisian and that I looked like I knew where I was going.

Black and white stripes, that’s a Parisian thing right?

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