I Live in Guatemala Now

I’ve been in Guatemala for 2 months now. I’ve journaled a bit but haven’t written a single blog post (well this is a blog post, and I’ve got another one in the works). I didn’t do much blogging while I was living in New York dreaming of being somewhere else, and apparently all of the “professionals” are right, you do really have to do it regularly to be even halfway good at it. I post a lot on Instagram but haven’t sat down to write about my adventures yet. For all 3 of my regular readers: sorry, working on writing more moving forward.

Writing about my adventures does feel a bit like bragging. I moved to a foreign country in the midst of an international pandemic. Almost everyone I know is stuck at home and has been for almost a year. There is over a foot of snow on the ground in New York right now and I’m frolicking around Guatemala, where it’s always warm unless you’re on top of a mountain/volcano (while wearing a mask – international pandemic). Sorry.

Everything is beautiful and delicious and I’m learning Spanish. We watch the sun set behind an active volcano every evening. O yea, there is an active volcano called Fuego about an hour outside town. Yes, the active volcano that erupts every 20-ish minutes is called fire. I wonder if they’ll change the name when it becomes dormant or extinct. Is it scary that an erupting volcano is a totally normal thing to see while you’re working or buying groceries or walking home? Do I have dreams about the people of Pompeii being buried alive in volcanic ash for people a few thousand years later to ogle at in a museum? No no, it’s all totally normal. Sometimes at night you can see the lava (magma?) spewing out the top of the volcano too.

If it makes those of you back in the US feel better, walking around Antigua, Guatemala can sometimes be a bit difficult. An entire city of 400-year-old cobblestones and sidewalks that have weathered more than a few earthquakes, makes for some treacherous walking if you’re not paying attention. Definitely need to avoid texting and walking here. And some of those sidewalks are quite high up. Surprisingly, this klutz hasn’t fallen…yet. Keep your fingers crossed for me please.

La Antigua Guatemala is definitely a lovely place to call home for a while.

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