Turtle Island

“Our ocean, our responsibility.” My adventures in veterinary medicine continue with 3 weeks on Koh Tao (“Turtle Island”). We’ve partnered with the New Heaven Dive Shop and their reef conservation experts to learn about marine wildlife and conservation. Unfortunately Koh Tao’s namesake, the sea turtle, is endangered and can be a rare sighting. People come from all over the world to dive in Koh Tao. … Continue reading Turtle Island

Sea Turtles!

The students got to swim with two sea turtles and watched them make out. I missed it. But, I got my turtle time when we went to Phuket. The Phuket Aquarium is home to a sea turtle nursery and rehab program run by the Thai government. Day one we checked out the nursery. Those are some beautiful, healthy looking turtles. They’re being raised big and … Continue reading Sea Turtles!

Two Weeks Learning to be a Vet

I meant to write this when my students left at the end of January. Then I broke my foot and got distracted. For 2 weeks in January I was the trip leader for another student group. Unlike over the summer, this group was pre-vet. All of the students want to go to veterinary school someday. You’d be correct in thinking I know nothing about veterinary … Continue reading Two Weeks Learning to be a Vet

I broke my first bone and got my first cast!

There’s a first time for everything I guess. Aside from a pinky toe, which I don’t really think counts, I’ve never broken a bone. Now I have a broken¬†foot, and my first ever cast and crutches. After a great time tubing on a¬†river, the klutz that I am slipped on the river bank. I thought I just rolled my ankle like I’ve done dozens of … Continue reading I broke my first bone and got my first cast!

I’m back at Elephant Nature Park!

Back at ENP for a 6th week. Baby Dokrak is getting big. The park is still beautiful. When I said hi to Memphis, the dog, he licked my face. I think he remembers me.  In case you’re wondering, seeing elephants does not get less exciting. They’re still magnificent and fascinating.  I watched a beautiful sunrise on the first morning. Now that the rainy season is … Continue reading I’m back at Elephant Nature Park!