The most Asian thing we’ve ever done

Co-written by Nina has we enjoy a mid afternoon glass of wine in a cutesy cafe.  Visit any tourist attraction in Southeast Asia and you’ll notice one common factor: it’s all about the photo op. You’ve gotta have the right lighting, the right pose, the right smile (or duck face), and the right outfit.  Usually it’s a boy friend or husband taking pics of his … Continue reading The most Asian thing we’ve ever done

The Cool Kids Call it KL

Another 60 days, another visa run. Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, reminds me of Bangkok: over-developed and┬áhectic. So many people from so many places. KL, as it is often called, blends Chinese, Indian, Arab, and indigenous influences into one big multi-lingual, multi-cultural city. Pros: I ate some awesome Indian food, falafel, and shawarma! People say, and I think it’s true, that NYC is always … Continue reading The Cool Kids Call it KL