Goodbye Thailand!

I’ve been to 7 countries since leaving New York almost a year ago. But, Thailand has been my home. Really Chiang Mai has been home, even though the only full month I spent in the city was November. Actually, I camped overnight at Doi Inthanon. So technically, I never spent a full month in Chiang Mai. That, together with the fact that I’ve mostly stayed … Continue reading Goodbye Thailand!


Sawadee pee mai! (That’s Happy New Year in Thai.) Songkran is the celebration of the new year in Thailand. The year is 2560 BE, Buddhist Era. Thai people spend time with family, visit local temples, and offer food to Buddhist monks. People pour water on Buddha statues, representing purification and the washing away of your sins and bad luck. To show respect, young people also … Continue reading Songkran!

Greetings from the Roof of Thailand!

Doi Intahnon is the tallest mountain in Thailand. It’s known as “the roof of Thailand,” and it’s only about 2 hours outside Chiang Mai. Luckily Nina has a car, which makes short trips like this a piece of cake. Well…almost. It’s an old car and it works so hard to carry us all over town. Driving up the tallest mountain in Thailand would take a … Continue reading Greetings from the Roof of Thailand!